Evidence-based solutions for weight management, sports performance, health and wellbeing

Food to Fit provides evidence-based information, guidance and coaching on nutrition to help clients achieve their individual fitness, health and weight-loss goals. We specialise in offering personalised advice and support because research has proven that a blanket and restrictive approach to diet is unsustainable and does not produce long term positive health outcomes.

“Food to Fit uses the science of nutrition to improve health and increase performance.”

Being able to help you create a healthier version of yourself is at the heart of Food to Fit. This means you won’t get any generic calorie plans from us; instead our Brisbane-based nutritionist will create tailored targets and changeable goals that work around your needs.

Signs you need Food to Fit’s evidence-based nutritional services:

  • You’re recovering from a diet cycle and are not sure what and how much to eat.
  • As an amateur sportsperson or runner you want to increase your performance.
  • You want to lose weight sensibly and sustainably.
  • You’re confused by the numerous dietary trends and fads.
  • Good health is important to you and your family but you’re time poor.
  • You have a medical condition and need dietary assistance.

Whether you want a weight-loss coach, are recovering from a restrictive diet, need help to make healthier food choices or are an amateur sportsperson; Food to Fit provides one-on-one support, individual advice and a holistic approach.

“Your journey to better health starts with a free 20-minute initial consultation.”

Food to Fit’s unique approach to nutrition will:

  1. Help you understand how certain foods work for or against your body to achieve your goals.
  2. Make you accountable through ongoing support whenever you need it.
  3. Give you more time to spend doing things you love.
  4. Help shave minutes off your run time and increase stamina.
  5. Arm you with the knowledge and confidence to smash health and fitness goals.
If you’re serious about breaking bad food habits and want to create a healthier version of yourself, then contact us and we’ll discuss how Food to Fit can help you.