Online Support Programs

6 Week online Nutrition Coaching Program

Ideal for kick-starting weight loss, meeting specific training needs and diet recovery.

  • Initial consultation
  • Detailed personalised nutrition PDF report
  • Access to a private online support group
  • Revision of nutrition targets as required
  • Access to your nutritionist daily via phone, text, email or Facebook as required for the entire 6 weeks.
  • Skills and knowledge to take with you beyond the 6 weeks program.
  • Option to stay on at a low monthly subscription rate

The Food to Fit 6 Week online nutrition coaching program is superior to other online programs in that we provide one-on-one consultations to make sure we fully understand your daily activity, lifestyle and current diet to ensure sure the program we provide to you will meet your needs.

You will not find generic 1200 or 1500 diet plans here. Our ongoing support is unlike any other program, if you have questions or concerns you can ask your nutritionist directly and have them answered quickly.

What our clients have to say about our 6 week program:

Gemma: “I found Sally’s guidance on nutrition to be oh so helpful. As someone who has followed 1200 calorie nutrition plans in the past it was a breath of fresh air to have a plan catered to me that told me one thing very clearly – eat more, and that it’s better to exceed the calorie target than go under. I have learnt a lot in last six weeks, and will continue to apply it. I have so much more energy too. And… Biggest bonus, I eat more, yet weight is stable, and body fat percentage has lowered!”

Gretlyn: “I can’t rate Food to Fit highly enough. Sally provides an individualised program with an emphasis on sustainable eating, no gimmicks or fads found here. I’m eating more than I have eaten for years and still losing weight and I have plenty of energy for training and life. If you are tired of eating rabbit food and existing on minimal calories try Food to Fit, it’s been life changing for me.”

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