Nutritional advice tailored to your specific dietary needs

Your relationship with food doesn’t have to be a battle; in fact Food to Fit’s unique approach to nutrition actually breaks negative cycles and allows clients to unlock their health and wellbeing potential in a positive way.

Top 3 questions our clients ask us:

  1. Why am I not losing weight?
  2. What should I be eating to fuel my training?
  3. How much should I actually be eating?

Food to Fit doesn’t give generic nutritional advice and leave you to it, we specialise in providing evidence-based scientific information coupled with one-on-one support that is ongoing and constantly revised.

Did you know? Your initial and ongoing consultations can be in person in Brisbane, over the phone or via Skype.

Our services include:

  • Personalised nutrition advice and dietary guidance.
  • Tailored nutritional plans and counselling.
  • Advice on what you need to eat to meet sports goals.
  • Solutions for long-term weight management.
  • Ongoing food coaching and support to keep you accountable.
  • Information sessions and seminars for sportspeople.
  • Online, personal and mobile support when you need it.

The reason why our techniques work is because we continually spend time researching the most current evidence-based approaches to weight loss, sports nutrition and long term health.

Fact: Scientific evidence has shown that the number one indicator of whether a person will succeed in their weight-loss goals long term is whether they have ongoing professional support and accountability.

“Food to Fit provides support all day, every day.”

Our holistic approach to nutrition and wellbeing means we’re also able to offer you a flexible program should you have any particular requirements or health concerns. We also collaborate with an experienced personal trainer to provide you with guidance on exercise and weight programs as needed.

To find out which foods will fuel your body to make you run faster or help you cope better with your busy life, contact Food to Fit today, a healthier and happier you is within reach.